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and the home of the hctd, Characteristics of Media, foulger, and commsites/commcites.
Perhaps the eventual new home for Evolutionary Media and fyberspace.

This is the second provider I've used as I've moved in the direction of relocating Evolutionary Media. The first had great features, but was never reliable and eventually went out of business (or so it appears). This one seems to be working better and has a different set of features that I'm looking forward to trying. The move may never happen. It appears that my old provider may be lifting limits on bandwidth and storage. If that happens I may use this site for other purposes. For the moment I'm going to use this page as a pointer to other sites that I host here and a platform for some page redesign. - Davis Foulger

URL's that should be accessible here include all of the following:,, and

A lighter concept of my business web site.,, and  

Concept for a site pointing to resources in the field of communiation.   Lead page for advertising the book I'm writing. and
Home site of the NCA Human Communication and Technology Division. and   Portal for the Foulger family and   My personal web pages

URL's that I expect to move here include: My business web site.

Concept space for a business Joan and I have been exploring.