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and the home of the hctd, Characteristics of Media, foulger, and commsites/commcites.
Perhaps the eventual new home for Evolutionary Media and fyberspace.

Sometime in August this web site was trashed.  I don't know how or by who and the provider doesn't have a useful backup of what was there before.  I have a content backup which I am in the process of partially restoring.  I probably will not fully restore the site (actually, I know I've lost data and cannot do so, but I'd already moved somethings to a different web server (and may move everything there).  And the business idea for Evolutionary Media is no longer active.  I have no idea how that will change things at this point, but I do know that I'll be selling a fair number of URLs that I currently own, including the fyberspace family of URL and comm* URL'a (e.g. hctd, commsites and commsites.  I really owned the former on behalf of Joan Dyer, who died four years ago this week.  The latter served a purpose when the web was still new to the field of communication, but that need has gone away. - Davis Foulger (11/9/2022)

URL's that I plan to continue to maintain here include:,,, and

Once planned as a business web site and now a home for papers related to that business concept I really haven't decided what I'll do with this URL yet.

URL's that I expect to sell include:,, and Concept for a site pointing to resources in the field of communiation. and Formerly the web site of the NCA Human Communication and Technology Division.,,,, and,,

Concept space for a business Joan and I have been exploring.I

URL's that I've already moved include: and Portal for the Foulger family and My personal web pages